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A little over a year ago, I would have been driving home to a house I shared with a brown dog and no one else—a house equipped with a refrigerator that never once contained milk. That night I was driving home to a baby petting zoo.


That night, as Alli slept peacefully in her bed, her momma and I bunkered down in the nursery next door in a war-like environment—no infantry, just infants; no gunfire, just currents of projectile vomit; no bombs, just BMs.


Jack’s movements were propelled by his first fundamental building blocks of thought, the foundation from which all his future thoughts would stem, blocks that manifested themselves in the form of raw, instinctual, and simple movement—movements designed to carry him from dark to light, cold to warm, loose to snug, craving to satisfaction, bad to good. Impossibly intricate. Miraculously simple.

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“I’m basically a blue-collar guy telling a story from my perspective,” explains Osborne, who co-owns a small construction business in Knoxville, TN. “In the summer of 2006, I was a full-blown bachelor. Then over the next thirteen months I got married, became a stepdad, and welcomed three babies into the world. Most people mature into domesticity, but I was hastily grandfathered in out of necessity. On the day my wife and I got the big news, I knew more about Dr. Dre than I did Dr. Spock.” Osborne’s relative inexperience coupled with the trying circumstances that come with having triplets yield confusion, panic, and side-splitting humor.

Tales from the Trips, however, will surprise you with its soft side. There are numerous and inspiring spiritual metaphors which weave their way throughout the book, all of which speak as much to the vicissitudes of life as they do the triplet experience. “You don’t have to have triplets to enjoy this book,” insists Osborne. “All you have to have is a sense of humor, a heart, and a desire to live a meaningful life.” Remarkably funny and surprisingly philosophical, Osborne’s book will have you laughing, crying, and thinking about things that truly matter.

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