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Tales from the Trips

Triplet Dad Changes Diapers, Genre Stereotype

Most parenting memoirs are soft and fluffy narratives from a mother’s point of view. John Cave Osborne just changed the rules. His new book, Tales from the Trips—How Three Babies Turned Our World Upside-Down, is told by a unique, unexpected voice as it chronicles the life of a newlywed couple from the moment they learn they are expecting triplets to the day the first of the trio learns to walk. Read more


  • a later or second thought.
  • reflection after an act.
  • a later, deeper thought provoked by something initially experienced as only funny.
  • reflection after a laugh.
  • wisdom through humor.

What is LaughterThought Media?

The short answer is a company created to serve as a publication vehicle for the book Tales from the Trips. But it's more than just that, as it also serves as my personal think tank–a cyber-venue for an untrained artist's artistic expression. Only time will tell what it will ultimately become. Like anything else I've ever created, I hope it grows and finds direction as it matures. Like anything else I've ever created, I have faith that it will.

But until such time, in addition to considering it a vehicle for publication and artistic expression, consider it also a formal refutation offered to all the folks who have ever uttered those four dreaded words to me–you missed your calling. Because if you take time to poke around this site and read my blogs, watch my videos, and learn more about my book, you'll see that I haven't. I'm doing it.

If you'd like to learn more about what LaughterThought Media can do for you, please contact me.